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Karate with JKA Massey

The JKA Massey karate club was started by Peter Zimmatore (5th dan) and his wife Yuriko (3rd dan) in 2018 after Peter and Yuriko arrived in New Zealand. Prior to their arrival they had lived in Japan for many years and studied at the JKA hombu dojo in Tokyo.

They are both lifetime members of the Japan Karate Association which practises the Shotokan style as developed by Master Funakoshi. The dojo is run on similar lines to the hombu dojo in Japan and follows a traditional Japanese style of instruction.



Peter Zimmatore

Founder & Chief Instructor, 5th dan

Peter Zimmatore is the Chief instructor of JKA Massey.

Peter began his training with Enoeda sensei in England.

In 2003 he moved to Japan to study at the JKA Headquarter dojo (hombu).
Peter and Yuriko set up home just 500 metres from the hombu dojo in Tokyo
which gave them the opportunity to train every week with the JKA's senior instructors. He and Yuriko returned to Japan and started JKA Karuizawa as the hombu dojo for the JKA Massey group.

Peter is 5th dan, B instructor, C judge and C examiner.


Yuriko Zimmatore

Founder & Instructor, 3rd dan

Yuriko and Peter run JKA Massey as joint instructors.

Yuriko started karate in Japan at the hombu dojo in Tokyo where both she and Peter are lifetime members.

Yuriko is 3rd dan, C instructor,  C judge, and D examiner.


Basil Sharp

JKA Massey Silverdale

Instructor, 5th dan

Bas’s karate journey started in 1969. In 1974 he took a break and spent the next 5 years completing his university education in the US. Today, he is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Auckland. 

Bas was graded ni-dan and san-dan by Osaka sensei, and yon-dan and go-dan by Naka sensei. Before COVID he was a regular participant at JKA HQ training camps in Tokyo. He has instructed at a number of JKA dojo in Auckland.

Bas is 5th dan, C instructor, C judge, and C examiner.


John Grieve

JKA Massey Silverdale

Instructor, 5th dan



Dave Wells

JKA Massey Milford

Instructor, 4th dan



Liz Morrison

JKA Massey Silverdale

Instructor, 3rd dan

Liz is 3rd dan, D instructor and D judge.


Kriez Cuevas

JKA Massey Milford

JKA Massey Chairman, Instructor, 2nd dan

Kriez started karate under Takahashi Masanori sensei in the JKA Philippines over 40 years ago.
When Peter and Yuriko sensei arrived in 2018, Kriez started training with them at the Massey University dojo. He now has his own dojo in Milford which he runs with his wife Teresa.

Kriez is 2nd dan, D instructor.


Alvin De Leon

JKA Massey University

General Affairs Officer, Instructor, 2nd dan

Alvin started karate at a young age of 7 years old. He earned his black belt when he was 13 under Tanaka sensei while training with JKA Philippines. He was a member of the Junior Philippine National Team and have represented the country in various competitions internationally. Kata has been and still is his strong discipline.

In 2018 he joined JKA Massey University and have become one of the core members of the team. 

Alvin is 2nd dan, D instructor and D judge.


Teresa Cuevas

JKA Massey Milford

General Secretary, Instructor, 1st dan

Teresa started karate under Takahashi Masanori sensei in the JKA Philippines over 40 years ago.

Teresa also joined up with Peter and Yuriko at the Massey University dojo and now runs the JKA Massey dojo in Milford along with her husband Kriez.

Teresa is 1st dan, Massey D instructor.


Owee Yulo

JKA Massey University

Public Relations Officer, Instructor, 1st dan

Owee started Karate when she was 9 years old in AAK Philippines, a busy shotokan school in Manila, where she graded up to 3rd kyu.


She came to New Zealand in 2013 and met up with Alvin de Leon, a fellow student from the Philippines. They joined JKA Massey in 2018.


She gained shodan in 2020 and is now a founding committee member and co-instructor at the JKA Massey University dojo.


Owee is 1st dan, Massey D instructor.


Dennis Reid

JKA Massey Silverdale

Instructor assistant, 2nd dan

Dennis is 2nd dan.


Jaco du Toit

JKA Massey Silverdale

Instructor assistant, 1st dan


About Karate


   sho     松     -   pine

   to        濤     -  wave, billow

   shoto 松濤  -  Master Funakoshi's                               pen name

   kan     館     -  hall, building


Funakoshi Gichin is known as the father of modern day karate. He was born in 1868 in Okinawa and as a boy studied karate under two masters, Master Itosu and Master Azato.


He became a school teacher and introduced karate into the Okinawan public school system, training in karate all the while with both masters. It was during this time that Okinawan karate emerged from its seclusion to become a legally sanctioned martial art.


In 1922 he was invited to demonstrate karate in mainland Japan by the Japanese Ministry of Education. This made such a powerful impression on the Japanese people that he was besieged with requests to remain in Japan and continue to teach, which he did.


His first dojo in Tokyo was named after him by his students, shoto > pine waves (Funakoshi's pen name), kan > building and this was eventually used as the name of his style of karate.


In 1955, the Japan Karate Association (JKA) was established in which Funakoshi served as chief instructor until his death in 1957.