Massey University Dojo

Group Fitness Gym

Recreation Centre

Massey University East Precinct

Dairy Flat Highway (SH17)

Albany, Auckland 0632


11.30 am Coloured belts

12.30 pm Advanced

Milford Dojo

Milford Senior Citizen's Club Hall

141A Kitchener Road, Milford

Monday & Friday

5.00 pm All grades

Silverdale Dojo

Silverdale Hall

7 Silverdale Street


Tuesday & Friday

5.00 pm Under 12's

6.00 pm Seniors Class


Whangaparaoa Dojo

Whangaparaoa Primary School Hall

Motutapu Avenue



6.00 pm All grades


Frequently asked questions

Who can train at JKA Massey karate club?

People from all nationalities are welcome. We currently have members from South Africa, Philippines, China, Thailand, Japan, England and New Zealand with ages ranging from 6 to 65. All you have to do is turn up and be willing to do some physical exercise.

What should I wear?

Normally we train in a "gi" (a special training outfit), but for your first lessons we would advise that you turn up wearing some comfortable loose fitting clothing, and be prepared to train in bare feet.

Am I too old to start?

Certainly not! We have students in the club of all ages, and karate offers many challenges which appeal to mature students.

Is my child too young to start?

Normally we take junior students starting at age 6, but for the safety of all our students each child needs a degree of coordination (karate will help to improve this over time).

Can I train with my children?

Yes! Parents are encouraged to train with their children.

Where can I train?

We have four classes every week: Milford Senior Citizen's Club Hall on Mondays - All grades 5pm Silverdale Hall on Tuesday and Friday - Juniors 5pm; Seniors 6pm Massey University Juniors 11.30am; Seniors 12.30pm

Will karate make me fit?

Karate will certainly help you get fit. It will improve your flexibility. As you get better at karate you will train harder and your fitness will improve too.

Will karate help me defend myself?

Karate contains many elements of self defence, and will improve your self-confidence. We do practice various drills aimed at defending yourself.

Is karate a contact sport?

It is in some clubs, but we practice in controlled situations and only light contact is used. We want you to enjoy your training and come again, and that's certainly not likely if you go home covered in bruises every time you train.

Will I get hurt?

You shouldn't get hurt, your Sensei will only put you in situations that you are comfortable with and in a controlled environment.

How often should I come?

Initially once a week is sufficient, until you've passed a few gradings at which time it would be best to train twice a week.

What are coloured belts for?

In Karate there are many levels and these are divided into teacher (dan) and student (kyu) grades. The coloured belts are used for distinguishing between the kyu grades, whilst the dan grades all wear black belts. Your first grading will be for 10th kyu (or yellow belt) and from there the kyu grades count down, so the highest kyu grade is 1st kyu, after which you will be ready to go for your black belt (or 1st dan). The dan grades then increase so after 1st dan your next grade is 2nd dan, then 3rd dan and so on.

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