Spirit of Budo Demo

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In April/May 2019 the Spirit of Budo exhibition was held in New Zealand at the

Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa, Auckland.

It was hosted by the Information and Cultural section of the Consulate-General of

Japan and the Japan Foundation.

Preparing to perform Bassai dai

On the day before the official opening, Friday morning (12th April), TVNZ broadcast a live demonstration on their breakfast show.

JKA Massey sensei Peter and Yuriko Zimmatore represented the Japan Karate

Association in this broadcast along with members of other martial arts groups in

the local area.

The following day Mr Minoru Kikuchi, (Japanese Consulate General) presided over

the official opening. During the day various martial arts were performed including a demonstration given by the members of JKA Massey.

Starting Friday 12 April 2019, Estuary Arts Centre will showcase a collection of weapons and armour used in traditional Japanese martial arts. This includes reproductions of sword

mountings from the late 1800s, and bows from the 1900s and modern reproductions of ō-yoroi (full armour), along with elaborate helmets and swords.

The Spirit of Budô: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts is an exhibition which explores the

history of budo through to its modern variations.

Budô, which roughly translates to “martial way,” describes forms of physical exercise

tempering the body and spirit. The exhibit will also feature traditional battlefield combat

techniques called bujutsu, or the “science of war.”

Although budo and bujutsu are used interchangeably to describe Japanese martial arts, budo focuses on mind and body development, while the latter is more about technique and its use in times of war.

This exhibition is organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland and the Japan

Foundation in cooperation with Estuary Arts Centre.

The Opening Event: Saturday 13 April 10:30am-3pm:

Martial arts demonstrations

Shinto-Muso-Ryu (Classical Japanese Martial Arts of Jodo),

Aikido, Kendo, Naginata, Karate, Shorinji-Kempo.

Japanese Taiko drum & Tsugaru Shamisen performances.

Free of charge / All welcome